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Example Guest Creation JSON Payload

	"email": "[email protected]",
	"first_name": "Jenny",
	"last_name": "Smith",
	"phone_number": "6175551324" # optional
emailstringGuest's email address, required
first_namestringGuest's first name, required
last_namestringGuest's last name, required
phone_numberstringGuest's phone number, optional

By sending a JSON object with your guest's registered first name, last name, email, and phone number, you can register them in the Bbot system and use that guest to complete the checkout process. First name, last name, and email are required, while phone number is optional.

The returned response includes a guest_id which will be used throughout the checkout process to keep your order attached to your guest. In the event of a malformed request, you will receive a response letting you know which piece of data is missing. You will also receive a 400 error in the event that a guest with the given email already exists. You can use the Get Guests endpoint to find their guest_id. In order to create guests, you must be properly permissioned to do so. If you receive a 203 response, you will need to contact partnership support.

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