idstringA guid that acts as the key of a dict describing the menuItem
display_postionnumThe position in the menu for this item. Larger numbers are positioned further down in the list.
image_urlstringThe absolute path URL of the hosted image for this item.
image_on_front_pagebooleanWhether the restaurant owner wants the image on the front page of the menu or not. Sometimes they only want it on the nested modal.
name_for_gueststringThe name of the menuitem as it should appear for the staff in the bar or kitchen.
descriptionstringThe description of the item for the menu.
tax_centsnumThe amount in cents for tax for this item.
price_stringstringA price string that you can use to display in the UI. This is determined on the Bbot servers because sometimes restaurants want their prices shown as a range (before modifiers are applied). Think for growlers of beer, as an example.
pretax_centsnumThe amount this item cost before taxes and fees are applied.
tagsarray of objectsAn array of objects of the menu icons (e.g., vegan, spicy) that should appear with this item in the consumer UI.
special_instructions_configobjectA object representing how special instructions should be shown for this menu item.
most_lovedbooleanIf the restaurant owner marked this item as most_loved in the Bbot Owner Portal, then this will be true.
menu_heading_idstringThe menu heading which this item should appear under.
in_stockbooleanIf this item is currently in stock.
image_on_item_pagebooleanIf the image for this item should be shown on an item detail page, then this is set true.
modifier_idsarray of stringsThese are the ids of modifiers that should be offered on the side of this menu item.
menu_item_classmagic stringEither food or drink which is just a tool for convenience in your UI.