Before Beginning the Checkout Process

Using the endpoints listed in the Building a Menu section, a cart can be built for your guests. Each of the Restaurants that you have access to can have any number of Tables which will allow you to build Menus for your guests to order from. Using the Fulfillable Menu Items endpoint, you can build a menu of only items that are in-stock and available for purchase at the time guest is checking out.

Once you have built the guest cart using your front end, you can begin the checkout process by either creating a guest using the Create Guest endpoint, or finding the logged-in guest using the Get Guests endpoint. You can then build the guest's cart_price object. A CartPrice Object maps the menu items that your guest is ordering to any chosen modifiers and the resulting price.

Send that cart to the Price Check endpoint to ensure all prices and fees match up before moving on to kicking off the payment process.

Using Stripe's Accept Payment Components for Credit Cards

Once the cart has been price checked, setup a Stripe Setup Intent using the Setup Intent endpoint.

With the returned client secret, information can be sent to Stripe using front-end components as outlined in Stripe Payment Setup. You can also use the Payment Methods endpoint to retrieve a payment method that has been used previously. The returned payment method can then be returned to Bbot using the Save Payment Method endpoint which will allow you to use the Checkout endpoint to finish the checkout process.