Once you have your menu front end, you will be looking to build carts for your guests to checkout from. in the Price Check Request Payload documentation, you can see the expected cart structure:

Price Check Request Payload

fulfillment_methodstringAvailable fulfillment methods:
'patron_pickup', 'server_delivery', 'runner_with_cc', 'robot_delivery', 'driver_delivery', 'runner_nofeedback'
promo_codesarray of stringsList of promo codes to be checked and applied to the cart
table_idstringID of the table - this comes from building the menu, above.
cartarray of objectseach cart object has a key of line item id -> dictionary with the keys related to the line item. Most of these can be retrieved from the Menus endpoint (full example can be found at Price Check Request Payload

And what do I do with that cart?

Begin The Checkout Process !