This endpoint returns an array of order objects which can be:

  • limited by returning all orders since a last modified date
  • limited to all orders from the restaurants in a provided array of restaurant IDs
  • or limited to an array of order IDs.

The endpoint returns a dict of Order ID -> Order object as described in the Order endpoint section of this documentation.

This object includes a lot of information, which is all included in The Order Object table, but at a high level, you can expect:

  • information about the patron
  • the total, tax, tip, and any discounts in cents
  • the related table
  • any pertinent delivery information
  • the id of the restaurant and any related stations for the order
  • the items in the order, their modifications, instructions, and related promotions
  • extra checkout information

An order is not created until checkout has happened, but this is good for looking at historical data for any number of reasons - status checking, web receipts, tracking, and whatever else the patron or restaurant might need information on their order for.

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