The Tables endpoint returns a different ordering/fulfillment configuration for a restaurant. Each table is primarily set apart by the "fulfillment_method" key, which represents the set of fulfillment types supported by a restaurant.

Our most common three are:

  • server_delivery on premise ordering, usually one per QR code at the table shown on signage to the patron when they sit at their table
  • patron_pickup - this represents either on premise "come pick your drink up at the bar" configurations OR off premise "order and come pick it up at the restaurant" configurations
  • driver_delivery - this represents that the restaurant has set up some form of delivering food off premise and usually means that address and (phone AND/OR email) is required at checkout (in the required_checkout_info key)

Each table can be rendered out as a combination of a set of Menus, a set of required fields to collect at checkout based on the fulfillment method, and whether this config/page allows order ahead/choosing future time blocks for fulfillment. A good way to tell what kind of patron_pickup this table is (on vs off premise) is the presence of the ability to order ahead for a specific time block.

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