The Table Object

idstringid of the table
display_namestringDisplay name of the table
short_idstringshort id of the table. This + hostname are unique.
fulfillment_methodstringAvailable fulfillment methods:
'patron_pickup', 'server_delivery', 'runner_with_cc', 'robot_delivery', 'driver_delivery', 'runner_nofeedback'
if none specified, assume 'all'
possible_fulfillment_methodsJSONPossible patron-facing fulfillment methods related to the chosen fulfillment method.
Could look something like this:
[{button_name:'Carryout', fulfillment_method:'order_ahead'},
{button_name:'Delivery', fulfillment_method:'driver_delivery'},]
Never used unless fulfillment method is patron_choice (choice between driver_delivery and patron_pickup).
enable_checkoutBooleanAllows the table to checkout
message_when_offstringMessage to display when the table is unavailable for ordering
forced_tip_fractionfloatIf a forced tip is applied as a fraction, say automatic 15% gratuity, will be set as a float.
forced_tip_namestringName of the forced tip.
required_checkout_infoJSONRequired checkout info object
restaurant_idstringID of the restaurant
menu_idsarray of stringsIDs of the menus to list on the table
order_allowedcharUsed to "cut off" an table
enable_checkoutbooleanMakes the table read-only
minimum_paid_order_centsnumMinimum order amount total in cents, if set.
minimum_pretax_centsnumMinimum order amount in cents, before tax, if set.
maximum_paid_order_centsnumThe maximum allowed order amount in cents - to avoid over-ordering, if set.
allow_order_aheadstringMust be one of the following choices:
On, Off, Auto
tippingJSONJSON object that stores the preferred tip default and available pre-determined amounts by fulfillment method