Example JSON

  "restaurant_id": "<customer_id>",
  "order_id": "<order_id>",
  "order": {
    "id": "bc960165-aa17-4506-abdc-0b1c26e44ff9",
    "restaurant_id": "ecde3351-606c-4971-ab5a-792bccb0e5e2",
    "table": {
      "id": "dfda1479-b19e-40e9-accc-18d62c6ceaed",
      "display_name": "Barge",
      "short_id": "barge",
      "hostname": "bbot.menu"
    "fulfillment_method": "driver_delivery",
    "orderNumberToday": 233,
    "items": [
        "id": "bc961912-26c0-43ef-b3f3-af6bbce9a3e9",
        "menuitem_id": "5100d13b-05dc-4908-ae66-c2d9d63e704d",
        "name_when_purchased": "Ceviche",
        "mods": [
            "id": "bc7ba7fd-55cd-4f03-8bfb-af8bbf63b9bf",
            "name": "Èclairs",
            "tax_cents": 8,
            "pretax_cents": 92,
            "orig_pretax_cents": 92
        "special_instructions": "",
        "pretax_cents": 1194,
        "tags": [],
        "tax_cents": 106,
        "tip_in_cents": 239,
        "status": "waiting",
        "orderitempromotions": [],
        "order_id": "bc960165-aa17-4506-abdc-0b1c26e44ff9"
        "id": "bc9625cf-ecac-4511-b932-269ac23848ee",
        "menuitem_id": "5100d13b-05dc-4908-ae66-c2d9d63e704d",
        "name_when_purchased": "Ceviche",
        "mods": [
            "id": "bc7ba7fd-55cd-4f03-8bfb-af8bbf63b9bf",
            "name": "Èclairs",
            "tax_cents": 8,
            "pretax_cents": 92,
            "orig_pretax_cents": 92
        "special_instructions": "",
        "pretax_cents": 1194,
        "tags": [],
        "tax_cents": 106,
        "tip_in_cents": 239,
        "status": "waiting",
        "orderitempromotions": [],
        "order_id": "bc960165-aa17-4506-abdc-0b1c26e44ff9"
    "time": "2021-12-08T00:53:52.057350Z",
    "last_modified": "2021-12-08T00:53:52.057361Z",
    "time_closed": null,
    "bartending_station_id": "e23abae8-5de1-4b2f-a182-1911708d7a63",
    "extra_checkout_info": {},
    "user_desired_time": null,
    "checkout_id": "5f52f359-0d48-41a3-a7f4-d79c4cdb5c97",
    "mobile": “5555555555”,
    "deliveryAddress": {
      "street": "10 Navy Wharf Ct",
      "apartment": "",
      "city": "Toronto",
      "zip": "M5V 3V2",
      "state": "ON",
      "country_code": "CA",
      "delivery_instructions": "Please bust through the door"
    "integrations": {},
    "guest_id": "0b686860-9807-491f-8ac3-1f9187ef1438",
    "guest_email": "[email protected]",
    "guest_name": "Eric Wang",
    "guest_first_name": "Eric",
    "guest_last_name": "Wang",
    "guest_special_offers": null,
    "pretax_cents": 2388,
    "tip_cents": 478,
    "fee_pretax_cents": 0,
    "tax_cents": 212,
    "total_cents": 3078,
    "snooze_till": "1900-01-01T00:00:00Z",
    "delivery_provider": null,
    "fees_on_my_receipt": [],
    "loyalty_webhook_discounts": [
        "promotion": {
          "id": "bc953976-51a2-4b08-a80e-c1aef6258184",
          "name_for_owner": "Eric Discount",
          "promo_type": "loyalty",
          "cents_to_add_per_cart_effect": 0,
          "fraction_multiplier_effect": 1
        "final_webhook_post": {},
        "final_webhook_response": {}
    "charge": {
      "id": "card_1K4EPsIcxGvm2q58DBTHloL1",
      "name": null,
      "brand": "Visa",
      "last4": "0077",
      "object": "card",
      "country": "US",
      "funding": "credit",
      "customer": "cus_KjhpXyZbdsDonT",
      "exp_year": 2022,
      "metadata": {},
      "cvc_check": null,
      "exp_month": 12,
      "address_zip": null,
      "fingerprint": "Iy87l5vKi0ZhHTFl",
      "address_city": null,
      "address_line1": null,
      "address_line2": null,
      "address_state": null,
      "dynamic_last4": null,
      "address_country": null,
      "address_zip_check": null,
      "address_line1_check": null,
      "tokenization_method": null,
      "amount": 3078,
      "created": 1638924833
idstringID of the order object
restaurant_idstringID of the restaurant
patron_idstringID of the patron
patronNamestringFull name of the patron
patronFirstNamestringFirst name of the patron
patronLastNamestringLast name of the patron
patronEmailstringpatron email address
user_desired_timedatetimeTime the patron wants the order to be ready
fulfillment_methodstringAvailable fulfillment methods:
'patron_pickup', 'server_delivery', 'runner_with_cc', 'robot_delivery', 'driver_delivery', 'runner_nofeedback'
total_centsnumTotal amount of the order in cents
tip_centsnumTip amount of the order in cents
tax_centsnumTax amount of the order in cents
integrationsJSONExternal integration information for the order (i.e. Toast GUID)
tableobjectSee table object information below for more detail
checkout_idstringID of the related checkout object
time_closeddatetimeDatetime object for the time the order was closed, null if still open
last_modifieddatetimeDatetime object for the last time the order was modified
patronSpecialOffersarraySpecial offers that the patron applied to the order
orderNumberTodaystringShort, easily readable order number given to the order. This number resets daily.
bartending_station_idstringID of bartending station which the order will be sent to
mobilestringMobile number of the patron
itemsarray of objectsArray of item objects in the order, see below for explanation of the item object
extra_checkout_infoJSONAdditional checkout information from custom fields on the order screen
timedatetimeTime of retrieval
fees_on_my_receiptnumAdditional fees, to be listed on receipt
fee_pretax_centsnumPretax fee amount in cents
deliveryAddressobjectDrop-off address for delivery drivers

Address Object

streetstringStreet address
apartmentstringSuite number, line 2 of address
citystringCity or town
zipstringZip or postal code
statestringState or province
country_codestringCountry short code. (e.g 'US', 'CA', 'AU', etc)
delivery_instructionsstringAny special delivery requests per the end user.

Table Object

display_namestringDisplay name of the Table
short_idstringCoupled with hostname, these will uniquely identify an table
hostnamestringPrimary hostname for the table
idnumID of the table

Item Object

idnumID of the item on the Order
menuitem_idnumID of the item on the Menu
name_when_purchasedstringName of the item, when ordered. This could change, so it is captured here for the receipt.
special_instructionsstringText instruction entered by patron
pretax_centsnumCost of the item in cents
tax_centsnumTax applied to the item in cents
tip_in_centsnumTip applied to the item in cents
orderitempromotionsobjectObject of promotions as they apply to order items

The Modifier Object

namestringName of the modifier
pretax_centsnumAmount of pretax cents for the modifier
tax_centsnumAmount of cents in the tax for the modifier
idnumID of the modifier
modsobjectThe list of modifiers that modify this modifier. Note: circular references may occur, you'll need to handle those in your implementation.

Order Item Promotions Object

promotionobjectRepresents a discount that gets added to the cart when its conditions are met
promo_codeobjectPromo Code object for the Promotion
pretax_cents_addednumCents added to the item for the promotion. Will be negative if the

Promotion Object

idnumID of the promotion
name_for_ownerstringThe name of the promotion as it displays on the owner app.
promo_typestringThe type of promotion and where it sits in the owner/admin UI
'new_customer', 'vip', 'promo_code'
cents_to_add_per_cart_effectnumUsually negative, this is the amount the promotion is removing from the cart total due to the promotion. If the promotion is $1 off, this amount would be 100.
fraction_multiplier_effectfloatThe remaining fraction for a promotion. For a 20% off promotion, this would be 0.80. For a 20% surcharge, this would be 1.20

Promo Code Object

idnumID of the Promo Code
codestringString representation of the code

Example Extra Checkout info

{"phone_number": {  key: "phone_number"
                        name_for_bartender: "Phone number"
                        name_for_patron: "Phone number"
                        remember: true
                        required: true
                        show_on_ticket:true #assumed true if missing
                        type: "phone_number"
                        value: "8185551234"